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SAM stores data as a series of memory cells that can only be accessed sequentially (like a cassette tape). If the data is not in the current location, each memory cell is checked until the needed data is found. SAM works very well for memory buffers, where the data is normally stored in the order in which it will be used (a good example is the texture buffer memory on a video card). RAM data, on the other hand, can be accessed in any order.

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Q: What is serial access memory?
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What are the differences between serial access memory and random access memory?

Random access memory is able to locate data in any order but serial access memory can only locate data in a sequence. Serial access memory will check the first memory cell for the data it needs, if it doesn't have the data it needs then it moves to the next memory cell until it finds the right data.

What are the different computer memory types?

There are seven basic types of computer memory. These seven types would be Random Access Memory, Serial Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Video Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Shadow Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory.

Name three serial access secondary storage device?

Random Access memory

What are the different types of memory access?

There are two types of memory access. 1- uniform memory access (uma) 2- non-uniform memory access (numa)

What is the maximum memory 8088 can access?

8088 can access 1 MB of memory

What are Technologies used for random access memory and serial access memory?

Very vague question. In terms of how RAM works: "SRAM" stores bits by using flip-flops. Higher-end "DRAM" memory stores bits in the form of a capacitor charge.

What is immediate access memory?

immediate access memory

How does random access memory operates?

how does random access memory opperates

Is hard disk random access memory or sequantial access memory?

A hard disk is a Sequential Access Memory device or SAM

Is RAM something referred to as involatile memory?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It does not specify whether it is volatile or non-volatile. RAM is just an access method just like SAM (serial access memory eg. magnetic tapes). The memory you are talking about is called primary memory of the computer which is semiconductor memory. Data can be stored in it as long as it is powered on since data is stored in the form of electric charge. Even Hard disks are RAM because you can randomly access any data from anywhere in the HDD

What is a ram memory?

Ramdom access memory

What is immediate memory?

immediate access memory

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