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to connect storage devices such as hard disk drives to a PC

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Q: What is the purpose of SCSI and RAID adapters?
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What is the purpose of RAID adapters?

to connect multiple storage devices for redundancy or speed

What is the purpose of the raid adapters?

to connect multiple storage devices for redundancy or speed

What is the product range offered by Adaptec?

Adaptec offers SAS and SATA RAID Adapters, Hot Bus Adapters, cables and accessories such as: SAS HD cables, Serial Attached SCSI cables, flash and battery modules.

What is the Difference between SCSI and RAID cards?

RAID and SCSI are completely different things.RAID = Redundant Array of Independent Disks.SCSI = Small Computer System Interface.SCSI is the type of interface that exists on the physical hard drive for connecting it to a host device. The host, be it a computer or a RAID would need to also support the SCSI interface.RAID is a cluster of hard drives which work together as a storage system. RAID could use any type of interface, including SCSI.

What adapter cards should be installed so a PC can use RAID?


Which PC card type is typically used for network adapters and modems and for adding firewire and scsi ports?

Type ii

What is the purpose of a SCSI drive?

A SCSI drive is used to attach peripheral devices such as printers and external drives to your computer. SCSI gives faster data transmission than regular serial port devices.

What type of devices might be connected to the expansion slots?

Network cards, video cards, sound cards, video capture cards, tv tuner cards, usb adapters, firewire adapters, SCSI adapters, etc. I'm sure I've missed some, but that should give you a good idea!

Why does my computer turn off during windows xp installation?

Either you have some of your hardware doesn't work properly or you have very specifice equipment which requires drivers like SCSI RAID, SATA RAID and so on.

What was the purpose of the dieppe raid?

the purpose was to test new techniques and equipment

What was the purpose of Grierson's raid?

it acted as a diversion

Can you connect both SCSI HDD and IDE HDD in the same PC?

oh sure,deffanetly connected both oh HDD in same pc, still configure function are different. first time formated the SCSI hard disk.then setup windows and another IDE formated over here and then SCSI's jumper put-up and put-in the IDE'S jumper and the restart the computer. Not only you can have a SCSi and IDE in the same computer but you can now use an IDE drive on a SCSI controller with proper adaptor Most standard PC can have up to 4 IDE devices. You can use an Adaptec IDE RAID controller (like the 1210sa) and add 4 more in a single PC. Or you can use a SCSI adapter with IDE drives and SCSI to IDE converts to have up to 32 drives in a single computer (if you can fit them) Basically, all of the new low cost RAID boxes are made with SCSI to IDE converter using a SCSI controller. Now there is a difference in MTBF. The SCSI will last longer and work harder... as for speed the difference is not much anymore. For half the price and double the capacity, the IDE is still a deal (with the price of the SCSI to IDE adaptor) Ex 73GB SCSI $300 to $400 200GB IDE $120 As for installing it all depends on your system and OS. Depending if you need the SCSI to boot or just be a data drive. For ex when installing as a boot drive under win2000 you will need the driver on a floppy disk. At start up of the install press F6 so the driver will be loaded at the proper time in the installation.... Depending also if you are installing a RAID there will be a special bios setup (in the SCSI card) to set to mount the RAID. Hope this helps Yes

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