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Hydroelectric power is better than fossils fuels because it is renewable and environmentally friendly. Hydroelectric power is also very efficient and inexpensive compared to fossil fuels.

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Q: Are hydroelectric power better than fossil fuels?
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Is hydroelectric power better than fossil fuels?

Hydroelectric power is better than fossil fuels because it is renewable. The water cycle ensures that there will always be water flowing downstream to turn turbines. Fossil fuels take millions of years to create.

How efficient is hydroelectric power compared to fossil fuel?

Hydroelectric power is about 90% efficient while fossil fuels are about 60% efficient.

What are good things about hydroelectric power?

they don't burn fossil fuels

Is hydroelectricity a substitute to fossil fuels?

Yes. If we can use more electricity from dams (hydroelectic power), we conserve fossil fuels. I also note that while hydroelectric is generally better than using fossil fuels, there are a number of disadvantages to hydroelectric power, including loss of land and negative impact on the environment when large dams are constructed. See related links.

What are three alternative energy sources to fossil fuels?

solar power, hydroelectric and wind power.

What are two alternatives to using fossil fuels for power?

Two alternatives are Hydroelectric and Geothermal.

Why is solar power better than fossil fuels?

it is better than fossil fuels because it is better for our environment and it will last way longer than fossil fuels. :)

What are some sources of power that are not fossil fuels?

Wind, solar, water (as in hydroelectric dams), and Biofuel (corn-based ethanol) are major alternatives to fossil fuels.

What is one alternative to fossil fuel production of electricity?

Hydroelectric power is an alternative to production of electricity produced by fossil fuels

Is fossil fuel used to produce hydroelectric power?

No, hydroelectric power is produced from the movement of water spinning a turbine. Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) produce energy by burning.

How water is used in coal generating power?

water is used for hydroelectric power it is not used for burning fossil fuels

Is solar power better then fossil fuels?

yes it is

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