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Copper,Cu ; Silver, Ag; Gold, Au are in group 11 of the periodic table and are sometimes called the coinage metals.

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Q: Copper silver and gold make up what kind of metals?
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What kind of elements will form alloys?

The kind of elements that will typically form alloys are metals. These metals often include precious silver, gold, and copper.

What kind of minerals are gold and copper?

metals, specifically precious metals, and in chemistry, transition metals

What kind of metal are gold copper or platinum?

they are semiprecious metals

Gold and silver are what kind of elements?

they are both transition metals

What Metals Did The Romans Want?

What ever kind they can get. Gold or silver. Maybe not so much on the silver. More of the gold...hmm...

What kind of money did the pilgrims use?

Gold Pence, Silver Pence, Copper Pence

What is the element of coins?

Depends what kind of coin. Some are made of copper, and there were silver and gold coins too, but most of the time the metals are alloyed so there is no clear answer. I hope this is a good answer.

What kind of base metals are used in jewelry?

copper is used as base metal in gold jewelry

What kind of metals make up computers?

Gold, silver, sometimes aluminum, lithium.

What kind of metals is the estados unidos mexicanos maked with.?

Most Mexican currency is made of nickel and copper alloys, but there are gold and silver coins called Centenarios and Onzas Libertad, respectively.

What kind of ring will not turn your finger green?

Most metals like gold and platinum will not turn your finger green unless you have a metal allergy. Most people are allergic to the alloys added to thee metals for strength like copper. Sterling silver and platinum are two of the hypoallergenic metals.

What kind of metals does a plumber work with?


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