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The oceanic crust is at the bottom of the ocean, about 14,000 feet deep. It is about 4 miles thick.

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Q: How deep is the oceanic crust?
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Are oceanic plates only made up of oceanic crust?

yes but oceanic crust is younger than continental crust because of deep sea trenches

What happens to oceanic crust at the deep ocean trench?

At some points, the oceanic crust bends downward and forms a deep-ocean trench. Then the oceanic crust sinks back into the mantle through a process called subduction.

Where do deep ocean trenches form?

Deep ocean trenches form at subduction zones where oceanic crust slides under continental crust or under another plate of oceanic crust.

Are the ocean plates only made up of oceanic crust?

yes but oceanic crust is younger than continental crust because of deep sea trenches

Where oceanic crust sinks toward the mantle beneath continental crust a deep ocean?

A deep ocean subduction trench

How does a deep-ocean trench form?

They form when the oceanic crust goes under the Continental crust. The oceanic crust then forms the trenches through a process called subduction.

Oceanic crust returns to the mantle at deep ocean trenches which are?


Are deep sea trenches cause by oceanic crust separating from continental crust?

no, deep sea trenches are caused by the subduction of one lithospheric plate(oceanic) below another lithospheric plate.

What is deep underwater canyons formed where the oceanic crust bends downward?

deep-sea trenches

Is the oceanic crust above the continental crust?

The oceanic crust is below the continental crust is above the oceanic crust

What is the lower part of the oceanic crust?

chllenger in deep mariana trench that is the answer in yahoo

How many miles deep is the oceanic crust?

Oceanic crust is part of the lithosphere and is considered part of the crust. It extends down 7 kilometers, or 4 miles. It is relatively thin in comparison with other layers. It is deep beneath the oceans and is very dense.

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