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how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

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Q: How many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500 ml volume of a .5 molar solution?
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What volume in ml of a 0.03455 M calcium hydroxide solution would be needed to completely react with 32.76 ml of a 0.0215 M phosphoric acid solution?

Volume mL= 32.76 mL x 0.0215 M/ 0.03455 = 20.386 mL calcium hydroxide solution.

What volume mL of a 4.54 M lead nitrate solution must be diluted to 894 mL to make a 1.28 M solution of lead nitrate?

The answer is 252,05 mL.

How many grams of calcium chloride would you add to water for a total volume of a 100 ml to make a 5 percent solution?

Take 5 grams of calcium chloride and dissolve it in 100ml of solution to get a 5% solution of calcium chloride. The standard way to make a weight-volume solution is to take grams of the dry substance in 100ml of volume.

How do you calculate the volume in milliliters of a 0.61M sodium nitrate solution that contains 400mmol of sodium nitrate?

By definition, a 0.61M sodium nitrate solution contains 0.61 moles of sodium nitrate per liter, which is equivalent to 0.61 mmol/ml. Therefore, the volume of this solution required to contain 400mmol is 400/0.61 or 6.6 X 102 ml, to the justified number of significant digits.

Calculate the volume of solution needed to dissolve 0.25 moles NaCl to make a 3.0M solution?

The volume is 79,85 mL.

How much water is needed to make a 0.150 m lead nitrate solution using 13.6 grams of lead nitrate?

Look up molecular mass of lead nitrate in the periodic table. Formula of lead nitrate is Pb(NO3)2 Molecular mass is 331.2 gm/mole A one molar solution has 1 mole per liter of solution. 13.6 grams/331.2 gm/mole = 0.041 moles 0.041 moles/0.15 molar = .274 liters This is not exactly correct, because when you add a solute to a solvent, the volume of the solution may be more or less than the original volume of solvent, depending upon the interaction of the solvent and the solute. Actually, the final volume of solution should be 0.274 liters. The most accurate way is to dissolve the solute is slightly less than the calculated amount of solvent needed, and then adjust the volume to the final amount after the solute is completely dissolved.

What volume of a 0.20 M silver nitrate solution is required to precipitate all the Cl - ion in the solution as AgCl?

You cannot make a solution of AgCl, it is an insoluble salt

How many moles of silver chromate will be formed when a silver nitrate solution of known concentration is added to a specified volume of potassium chromate solution of the same concentration?

how many moles are there in 56.0 grams of silver nitrate?

What volume of 12M HCl solution is needed to prepare 250 mL of 0.100M solution?

25 mL

Is the volume of the unknown mass needed to calculate the mass of calcium oxide?

No. you will know the volume of the unknown mass after you calculate the mass of ca0

What volume of a 0.582 M solution of HBr is needed for a reaction that requires 36.3 g of HBr?

The answer is 770,9 mL solution.

Is a water and ammonium nitrate solution more or less dense than plain water?

It depends on the Molarity of the solution. if the (mols x molar mass)/volume> 1, its more dense.

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