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how much sodium hydroxide in grams must be added to seawater to precipitate 86.9mg of magnesium present?

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Q: How much sodium hydroxide in grams must be added to seawater to completely precipitate 86.9mg of magnesium?
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What element can be extracted from seawater?


Does magnesium chloride dissolve in seawater?

Magnesium chloride is soluble in water.

When seawater evaporates the concentration of salts increases until what?

precipitate out the solution

What is the mistake in this statement magnesium and chloride make up most of the ions in seawater?

It should say, "Magnesium and CHLORINE make up most of the ions in seawater." Not chloride.

How do you separate magnesium from seawater?

First, the sea water is collected in large basins and heated to evaporate some of the water. This yields a concentrated solution of water and various salts which are mixed with calcium hydroxide (lime) to yield a magnesium hydroxide precipitate. The precipitate is then reacted with hydrochloric acid to yield magnesium chloride. This is then separated into molten magnesium metal and chlorine gas ions through the electrolysis process. The chlorine is reacted with hydrogen to yield hydrochloric acid to be recycled, while the molten magnesium is then cast into ingots.

Why is extraction of magnesium in seawater important?

because it just is :D

What do many organisms take from seawater to make bones or shells?

They take magnesium.

How is magnesium obtained from seawater?

When fresh water is removed from ocean water, the salts that are left behind are also a valuable resource. Over half of the world's supply of magnesium, a strong, light metal, is obtained from seawater in this way.

What are the six ions in seawater?

The four MAIN IONS in seawater in descending order of abundance are: CI: Chloride Na: Sodium SO4: Sulfate Mg: magnesium Found in Leckie-Yuretich: Investigating the Ocean, Page 114, Seawater Salinity: The salt of the Ocean

How is magnesium carbonate obtained?

Magnesium can be extracted from the minerals Dolomite (CaCO3·MgCO3) and Carnallite (KCl·MgCl2·6H2O), but is most often obtained from seawater

Two most abundant salts in seawater?

Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride

Is magnesium and chlorine a likely compound?

It's an actual, and common, compound - MgCl2 (magnesium chloride), a constituent of seawater, has many uses including just chasing off the chlorine atoms to recover the magnesium metal.