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No, that would only occur in fairytales!

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Q: Is hydrogen bonding possible between ethanol and diethyl ether?
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Can diethyl ether hydrogen bond?

Yes, it can. Hydrogen bonding is an intermolecular force, that is, it occurs between molecules and is specific to Hydrogen and either Fluorine, Oxygen or Nitrogen. The molecular formula of diethyl ether is C2H5-O-H5C2. The Oxygen in the middle of the molecule is likely to form bonds with Hydrogen from other diethyl ether molecules, and hence, diethyl ether can form hydrogen bonds.

Why ethanol has a higher boiling point than diethyl ether?

Ethanol has an -OH group which can involve in hydrogen bonding and diethyl ether molecules haven't such groups.

Why ethanol has higher boiling point than diethylether?

The boiling point of ethyl alcohal(Ethanol) is due to hydrogen bonding present in diethyl ether,no hydrogen atom is linked with any electronegetive element and hydrogen bonding does not exist.

Why does Diethyl ether and water not mix?

Diethyl ether cannot participate in hydrogen bonding with water. It also has nonpolar side chains which are not attracted to the polar molecule water. Diethyl ether is soluble with water to some extent (6.9g/100mL) but is not miscible.

Why ethanol has high boiling point than diethyl-ether?

Ethanol has intermolecular hydrogen bonding where as diethylether does not have this kind of bonding. So BP of ethanol is higher than diethylether.

Why is diethyl ether a common solvent?

Because it's very good at dissolving things. Diethyl ether is polar. The center has a slight negative charge while the arms have a slight positive charge. Also hydrogen bonding can occur with the oxygen on diethyl ether.

How many hydrogen atoms are in 14.8 g of C2H52O?

There are ten hydrogen atoms in 14.8g of C2H520(Diethyl Ether).

Why ethanol has higher boiling point than diethyl ether?

Ethanol has hydrogen bond where as ether does not.

What types of electronic transition are possible for acetaldehyde and diethyl ether?


Is diethyl in antifreeze?

Yes diethyl can be found in antifreeze. Diethyl is also found in paint removers. Diethyl is also known as ether.

Is diethyl ether has higher boiling point than butyl alcohol?

Other way around. The stronger the intermolecular forces, the less easily molecules freely fly around, so the less easily they will boil. Hydrogen bonding is stronger than dipole-dipole interactions.

The reaction of diethyl maleate with iodine?

form diethyl fumarate

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