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cold weather, because you get hot when you run

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Q: Is it better to run in cold weather or hot weather?
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Is it better to run in hot or cold weather?

cold weather, because you get hot when you run

Would a lead acid battery run out of charge more in cold or hot weather?

Cold weather puts more strain on a battery than hot weather.

Is it safe to run in cold weather when you have a cold or flu?


Will a high performance engine run better in cold or warm weather?

A high performance engine will run better in the cold the vehicle is at full operating temperature. Cold air is more dense so basically its like your packing in more air into the cylinder.

Why would a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E run hot if the radiator and thermostat has been replaced?

Is the thermostat in backwards??? it depend on where u live hot or cold weather... german cars are made for cooler weather... this will efect the way ur car will run

What happens when you run in hot weather?

You sweat.

Why do people have more energy during warm weather?

because in the cold weather its to cold to run around

Is it easier to run a marathon in hot or cold conditions?


How do you tell when thunder is coming?

Thunder storms occur when hot air and cold air run into each other. Therefore one way of predicting them is if you notice a cold front has come during warm weather, or a warm front during cold weather.

Is it better to run in the heat or the cold?

It's better in cold because you can run faster. In heat you sweat more than in cold.

What was the weather like in the 2nd bull run?


What was the weather like during the first Battle of Bull Run?

the weather at the bull run battle was hot and humid

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