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Many huge plants grew, decayed and died.

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Q: Today's fossil fuels began forming about 300 million years ago in pennsylvanian period. what was most likely true about that time period?
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What are minerals that form in a rock forming a fossil?

Replacement minerals.

What is a drying fossil?

a fossil that has been underground for million years

What is cast fossil?

it is a fossil copy of an organism filled withsediment or mineral deposits.

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Are potatoes fossil fuels?

The potatoes are not the fossil fuels.But they can turn into fossil fuels once buried in soil for million years.

How is a cast fossil formed?

a Cast fossil is formed when the mold is filled with another material forming a cast.

How old is the rock around a phacops fossil?

The rock around a Phacops fossil is probably 405 and 365 million years old.

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