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It can be turned on and off.

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Q: What advantage does an electromagnet have over a regular magnet?
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What advantage does an electromagnet have over a bar magnet?

The electromagnet can be turned on and off depending on whether it's needed or not.

What is an advantage of using an electromagnet over a permanent magnet?

The advantage of an elecromagnet is that you can turn it on and off with a simple switch. So for example if you want to pick up a scrap car with a crane/electromagnet and move it, you can turn the electromagnet off when you want to release the car. You could not do the with a permanent magnet obviously.

What advantage does an electromagnet have over a permanent magnet?

A permanent magnet is always on; there isn't any way to turn it off. An electromagnet can be controlled; you can turn it on or off, or change the amount of magnetism by varying the current passing through the coils.

What are two advantages of a natural magnet over electromagnet?

A natural magnet is permanent - an electromagnet loses its power when it's switched off.

What are the advantages of Permanent magnet over Electromagnet?

It doesn't require energy to maintain the magnetic field.

What advantage does a horseshoe magnet have over a bar magnet?

those which act like a permanet magnet when they are within a strrong magnetic fiel

Why is an electromagnet more powerful then a regular magnet?

Electromagnets can have higher "domain currents" than permanent magnets, and have no non-aligned nor anti-aligned domains like permanent magnets tend to have (or get over time).

What is the advantage of Electromagnet over a Ordinary magnet?

Electromagnets' magnetism can be manipulated. Electromagnets can be magnetised and demagnetised by passing electric current. Therefore they are used in motors- which works when the coil is magnetised by passing an electric current. It is also used for cranes.

What are two advantages of a electro magnet over natural magnet?

I need help on it too :( But i think one advantage is that it can produce electricity

How can someone make an electromagnet stronger?

You have to take it out on a nice date first. Second, you have to pleasure the magnet for exactly 42 minutes. Third, you rub tons of ranch dressing all over the magnet on each side and keep it on there for 3-4 hours. These are the steps to make your electromagnet stronger.

How do you separate iron powder from iron and sulphur powder?

I would use an electromagnet. Spread the mixture out on something, turn on the magnet and move it over the mixture to pick up the iron. Then hold the magnet over a container, turn it off, and the iron will fall into the container.

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The advantage of digital cable is that you receive better picture quality and additional channels than regular cable

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