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Anything. All things that can be powered by fossil fuels (electricity) can be powered by solar power :)

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Q: What can be powered by solar energy?
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What is an example of technology powered by solar energy?

Solar Energy Applications1.Solar Lanterns, 2. Solar energy powered Signalling system

Objects powered by solar energy?

Mainly calculators but here is alot of things solar powered but here is a few: - solar panels - solar powered appliances - solar powered shades - solar powered water heaters - solar powered lights - solar powered roofs

What is powered by free energy.?

It depends what you mean by free energy. The term Free Energy is used in thermodynamics and generally refers to the amount of energy in a system which is available for work. It is a theoretical quantity and not one you'd use when discussing powering devices. If you mean energy available for free, like the sun's light, then in theory you can power anything you can hook up to your source. However, bear in mind that nothing really comes for free. If you want to use the sun's light you have to buy a solar panel, or if you want to use wind power you need a wind turbine, and as well as purchasing you have maintenance and depreciation.

What do solar calculators use to be powered?

Well, Solar calculators are used to your powered by "solar energy". Which means the SUN!

What is photovoltaic energy?

the energy that comes from solar powered toys

What are the energys that are powered by solar energy?

I think mechanical energy.

What orbiting man made objects in space are powered with solar energy?

What orbiting man made objects in space are powered with solar energy

What is a good name for a solar powered oven project?

Solar Energy Powered Oven Project. (SEPO Project)

Which form of energy is used by a solar-powered calculator?

Radiant Energy

How solar powered things work?

Solar powered things work when they reflect off the sun. For example, if you have solar power energy it reflects off the sun making energy and then you can use it.

What energy transformation's in a solar powered calculator?

The energy transformation that is in a solar powered calculator is:Device: Solar-powered calculatorInput:Solar energy and Chemical energyOutput: LightThere is 2 ways a Solar-powered calculator is worked by: Solar power and batteries. In the batteries there is chemical. On the solar powered calculator there is a little solar panel. The calculator needs light to power it up. If there is no light the batteries would be it's backup. The numbers are shown by light that the power or batteries and solar power would produce.

How does a skateboard get energy from the sun?

By being solar powered

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