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Igneous,metamorphic and sedimentary

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Q: What type of rock can be the source of deposited sediments?
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What type of rock forms when sediments are deposited and pressed together?

Sedimentary Rocks.

The type of rock deposited in a geosyncline is?

I am not it sedimentary rock the answer??

Give one type of example of how one type of rock can change into another type of rock?

an igneous rock can be left out and have weathering erosion crush it sorta and make sediments and have the sediments be cemented and turned into a sedimentary rock

What is a type of sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of minerals dissolved in a lake river or seawater?

sedimentary rock formed by the denudational process of various activity. the sediments in sea water may deposited and thus lead to the formation of sedimentary rock

A sedimentary rock is weathered by wind and water The rock breaks down into sediments again If the sediments become cemented what type of rock will be formed?

sedimentary rock

What is a limitation of using a crayon to represent this type of rock?

It doesn't have the proper sediments for that type of rock

Is alluvial a rock?

Alluvial is a descriptive term referring to sediments deposited along a fan-shaped area by a river or stream. Thus, a rock or mineral could be described as being alluvial in that it was placed in its current location by alluvial deposition. Alluvial is not a rock type.

What sedimentary rock is weathered by wind and water and the rock breaksdown int sediments If the sediments become cemented what type of rockwould it be?


What type of rock is composed of layers of small particles or sediments?

sedimentary rock

How is sedimentary sandwich similar to sedimentary rock?

The "sandwich" structure is due to the rock being from sediments deposited in sequential periods of activity and nature. Each single "slice" of solid rock is a "bed", and sequences of these build up "members" of "formations".

What type of sediments are garnets in?

Sediments which are derived from some schist rock formations might contain garnet.

What type of rock is the result of processing of sediments?

Sedimentary rocks.