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Extrusive igneous rocks and some sedimentary rocks are formed above ground.

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Q: What types of rocks are formed above ground?
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Which types of rocks are formed above ground?

Extrusive igneous rocks are one type of rocks that can be formed above the ground. Sedimentary rocks can also be formed above the ground.

What rock types are formed above ground?

Extrusive igneous rocks and some sedimentary rocks are formed above ground.

How egneous rocks are formed?

Igneous rocks are types of rocks that are formed by fire. They can be formed in the ground from magma that gets trapped in air pockets. Above ground they can form when lava cools along the ground.

How do intrusive rocks relate to below ground?

Intrusive rocks are formed when rock is squeezed into underground cavities in other types of rock, where it crystallizes.

What are the main two types of igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are classified as either extrusive or intrusive. Extrusive rocks form from lava at or above the ground, and intrusive rocks form from magma below the ground. Granite is intrusive, pumice is extrusive.

What are types of rocks formed by volcanoes?

They are called Igneous rocks

How are igneous rocks formed?

Igneous rocks are formed when magma crystallizes and cools into a solid form. There are two types of igneous rocks--intrusive igneous rocks and extrusive igneous rocks.Intrusive:Intrusive igneous rocks are formed when the melted rock (magma) slowly rises toward, but does not reach the surface. As these pockets of magma cool slowly underground, minerals crystallize and the magma solidifies, becoming intrusive igneous rock, like granite and gabbro.Extrusive:Igneous rocks are also formed when volcanoes erupt, causing the magma to rise above the Earth's surface. When magma appears above the surface, it is called lava. Extrusive igneous rocks are formed as the lava cools above ground. Examples of extrusive igneous rock are basalt, rhyolite, pumice, and scoria.igneous rocks are formed by lavaWell When melted rock cools quickly, it hardens before any mineral crystals can grow large. as a result, igneous rocks that form above ground have small or no crystals :)Igneous Rocks are made of magma and lava because it comes out of a volcanoFrom volcanoes.from lava cooling.Molten rock cools and turns solid.

Which types of rocks are formed underground?

Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks

What types of sedimentary rocks are formed from the remains of organisms?

Organic sedimentary rocks.

How are different types of rocks formed?

There are different types of rocks depending on where they formed or why they formed.There are : Sedimentary rocks,Igneous rocks, Metamorphic rocks.Now,the rocks are formed due to various reasons like they were disintegrated due to strong wind or they were effected by running water or was exposed to high sunlight.

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