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Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins in June and ends at the end of November. Though, sometimes hurricanes can form before June and after November. Atlantic hurricanes occur most frequently between mid-August through October, with the peak of the hurricane season occurring in September. There are more hurricanes in the Atlantic because that's the only place they occur. A tropical cyclone in the Pacific or Indian ocean is called a typhoon. Otherwise, the storms are identical. There are actually far more tropical cyclones in the Pacific than in the Atlantic, mostly because the Pacific is much larger than the Atlantic. There is enough space for a typhoon to get going without much help. It can then blow right on through to the Indian Ocean. Atlantic hurricanes require assistance of the African easterly jet, so they only occur in northern summer. Pacific storms occur year round, and appear in both hemispheres; Atlantic hurricanes are (with one recorded exception) only in the northern hemisphere. I'm going to guess that you probably have the impression that Atlantic storms are more common because you live in North America. Pacific storms rarely affect the North American mainland. If you lived in eastern Asia or on the east coast of Africa, you'd have a different view. The above information is correct, except tropical cyclones that occur in the eastern Pacific Ocean (just off the west coast of Mexico) are also called Hurricanes.

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Q: When do hurricanes most frequently occur in in the usa?
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