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Q: Which liquid clean the copper penny the best?
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Which liquid will best clean a penny?

vinegar and salt and soda pop is best used to clean pennies.

What type of liquid would best clean a penny?

I know this sounds weird... but ketchup... the acid in the ketchup cleans the penny very well

What liquid cleans copper pennies the best?

Using a liquid with a mild acid will clean copper pennies the best. It may take time, but it does work better than nearly everything. Vinegar and lemon juice are examples of cleaners, and seem to be the best and most easily accessed mild acids. Ketchup (because of the vinegar in it) is also known as a good penny cleaner.

What kind of liquid can clean a penny the best?

Any gentle degreaser. Try starting with dishwashing detergent and water.

Does vinegar or soap clean a penny best?


Why do acids clean copper pennies the best?

Because acids can make u die so when ur triung to clean a penny u don't want to die so that's y u use it to clean pennies

What effect does vinigar have on a penny?

the acids in the vinegar clean the penny hint(ketchup cleans the penny the best it has vinegar in it

What kind of juice clean the penny best?

orange juice

What is a good hypothesis for What type of juice cleans a penny the best?

If I test 5 different juices, which one will clean a penny the best

What is the best way to clean of remove deposits from a copper penny?

The deposits on the surface of the coin were part of the coin body. Removing these deposits is removing part of the coin. A coin collector will not do this.

What material cleans a penny the best?

what materital clean pennies better

What type of liquid clean the pennies the best?


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