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Q: Which natural cause of climate change deals with changes to Earth's orbit around the Sun?
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What is the true relationship between oceans and earths climate?

The oceans have a major effect on climate around the globe.

What causes season changes in Norway?

The earths orbit around the sun.

Does the climate change as you go around the freshwater biome?

it changes depending on where it is

How do bees adapt to the environment?

Bees have multiple methods of adapting to their environments. They can interpret the weather around them and predict climate changes, and they can alter their nests as the climate changes.

Is the earth's natural satellite the sun?

no, the moon is the Earths natural satellite, the moon is in orbit around the Earth. The whole Earth/Moon system is then in orbit around the sun.

How do scientist predict climate?

The scientists observe the changes in climate very carefully. They know that the daily changes in climate are caused by storms and fair weather moving over the Earth . They know that the seasoning changes are due to the turning of Earth around the sun.The most important cause of climate is the heating and cooling of the air.

How does the earths orbit around the sun cause the seasons?

Actually, it doesn't. The TILT of the Earth on it axis causes seasonal changes.

Why do you call the moon Earths natural satellite?

Because the moon naturally revolves around the Earth and things that revolve around each other are called satellites (ex. the planets revolving around the sun) so therefore the name "Natural Satellite".

Explain How is the moon earths satellite?

the moon orbits the earth and one definition of a satellite is "a natural body that revolves around a planet"

Describe how the seasons are related to earths orbit around the sun?

the season change as the amount of energy each hemisphere receives from the sun changes

Do all the natural disasters around the world mean that the apocalypse is coming?

No, there is no such thing as the apocalypse. Natural disasters are a natural part of the earths weather and geological cycles. They have happened for thousands of years and will continue to happen for thousands of years.

What clues can fossils give about the climatic changes in the area around Antarctica?

Well there are fossils of plants and large animals there, indicating that the climate was once warmer, and that the climate there has changed to be what it is like now.