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No, the main gases responsible for climate change are actually

  1. Carbon dioxide
  2. Methane gas
  3. Nitrous Oxide
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Q: Why are nitrogen and hydrogen are the main gases responsible for climate change?
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Species responsible for climate change?


Who are responsible for climate change and how?

No one is responsible. It is just nature. Climate change has been happening for millions of years. The earth goes through cycles.

If making ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen A chemical or physical change?


What is not a result of deforestation?

climate change

What is a climate change sceptic?

A climate change skeptic is someone who believes one of the following: a. That the climate of the Earth is not changing at an unusually rapid rate, or b. That the climate is changing but people are not responsible for this situation.

What pollutant is most responsible for global climate change?

carbon dioxide.

What would you call it when fish have been dying in lakes because of climate change?

A lie! There is no evidence that climate change was responsible for a specific fish kill.

Why should all nations be responsible for effects of climate change?

Most nations have played some part in global warming and climate change. But, all nations with modern societies with automobiles and that use fossil fuel for heat or transportation contribute to climate change and are responsible for it to some degree. Whether they're responsible for it or not they'll suffer from it.

What gasses are implicated in global climate change?

carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, and water vapour

How does earth climate change every year?

The Earth climate changes every year due to increased human activity on it. The green house gases too are largely responsible for climate change every year.

How do climate change affect biodiversity?

Changes in Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous cycles can affect the health and variety of organisms that live in an ecosystem

What is the two things that is responsible for the change in climate from summer to winter?

The tilt of the Earth's axis and direct and indirect sunlight