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because there's fire there

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Q: Why is the middle of the Earth so hot?
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Why did thomas neale invent the equator?

the middle of the earth was so hot it exploded. this is why it is so hot

How hot does it get in the middle of earth?

in the middle of earth gets about 14265 degrees inside.

Is earth hot?

The middle part, 'the core' is very hot.

Is it possible to travel to the middle of the Earth's core?

No. Earth's interior is so hot that you could not even make it through the crust.

Where do volcanos get their lava?

lava makes there own lava since some volcanos are in the ocean its closest to the middle of the earth and the middle of the earth is really hot so it melts the rocks to make LAVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does the earth get hotter the deeper you go?

because in the middle of the earth there is hot Magma. (lava).... so when you go deeper, you're going closer to the magma.

Is Middle Earth in The Hobbit hot or cold?

Middle Earth is a large place but basically it's weather is similar to England and Europe.

Where on earth is the hot desert?

There are hot deserts in Africa, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

Is earths core a solid?

no the core of the earth is not solid its pretty much a liquid, since the middle of the earth is so hot, the core is like a lava substance.

What makes the earth's mantle so hot?

the earth's mantle is full of lava so the lava is what makes it so hot

Why is the water inside the earth is hot?

.The water in the earth is hot because there's lava well magma in the earth so it would be hot of course.

Why would a person be unable to dig a tunnel all the way through the middle of earth?

No One Can't Dig A Tunnel In The Middle Of The Earth Because The Tempature Inside Earth Gets Hotter As You Go Deeper. It Is Around 9000F (5000C) In The Center. It Is So Hot Inside Earth That Rocks Melt.

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