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Yes. Negative gradient would mean downward sloping.

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Q: Does negatively sloped mean downward sloped?
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Why is PPF negatively sloped?

why PPF in economics is negatively sloped

Why indifference curves are always negatively sloped?

its something to do with a non satiation assumption. ie if all the bundles on the indifference curve are "goods" (actively wanted products) then the indifference curve slopes downward from L to R. if there is a "good" and a "bad" on the curve then it will be positively sloped. (upward from L to R)

A demand curve with Unitary Elasticity at all points is?

Is negatively sloped linear curve

Can the average costs rise while the marginal costs are declining?

MC is the change in Tc divide by change in quantity. MC will always be negatively sloped and ATC has positively sloped.

How is price elasticity of demand measured on a particular point on a negatively sloped demand curve?

point method

Why is the demand curve negatively sloped?

The demand curve is negatively sloped to represent the declining marginal utility from consumption. At greater quantities of consumption each additional unit of a good consumed will yield relatively less utility, thereby reducing the marginal willingness to pay for that good.

The labor demand curve is negatively sloped because?

this site has no sense I dont know why you call yourself

IS the tax multiplier always positive?

tax multiplier is always negative not positive, because of downward sloped aggregte demand curve

Are fronts sloped or vertical?

They are sloped

Does negatively charged mean it has gained extra electrons?

If you mean negatively charged ion - then yes

Is perpendicular vertical?

Not necessarily. A perpendicular to a sloped line will be sloped. It will be at right angles to the sloped line, though.

Why is incline planes the simpliest of the simple machine?

I am vikrant .inclined plane is a slopy plane from which heavy objects can move easily(only in downward direction).according to my thinking it is based on gravity as gravity act in downward direction but a plane(inclined) is sloped so the object on it donot finds a downward path but finds a slopy path .

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