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In 2006‑07 the Federal Government spent $48 billion on health and aged care.

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2009-04-18 09:36:02
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Q: How much income tax revenue do the Australian government spend on supporting aged care?
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What part of the Australian government is ATO in charge of?

The ATO of the Australian Government is in charge of revenue. The ATO collects income tax, Goods, and service tax along with other federal taxes of the government.

What is theory of public revenue?

public revenue is the government income

Is revenue another name for government income?

No. "Revenue" is any kind of income; it means "money collected". The government uses the word "revenue" to mean "money collected by the government", because the government is mostly concerned with how much money THEY collect, as opposed to somebody elses' revenue. The specific term for "government income" is a "tax".

What is government income called?

Government money is called Revenue

From what type of tax does the state get most of its revenue?

The US government generates most of its revenue from income tax. Over 40% of the federal government's revenue comes from income tax.

What is revenue allocation?

is the distritution of government or corporate income

What are four sources of government revenue?

income tax

Why is income tax important for the government?

income tax is one of the most important source of government revenue. in us around 31% and UK around 29% of government revenue comes from income tax . this is the biggest source of governments revenue. this is only one of many imporatnce.

What is the difference between tax revenue and non tax revenue?

Tax revenue is the income that the government gains through individuals paying their taxes. Non tax revenue is any other income the government gets that is not from individuals paying their taxes.

What tariffs were designed to provide income for the federal government?


What is the main source of federal government revenue?

Income tax.

Largest source of revenue for the federal government?

The largest source of revenue for the federal government has been individual income taxes and payroll taxes. These taxes account for 82% of all federal government income.

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