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Economics deals with Money and expenditure in countries

Sociology deals with people and processes in society.

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2009-03-02 17:00:14
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Q: What is the Differences between Economics and sociology?
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Relationship between sociology and economics?

relationship between sociology and economics

What the differences between economics and sociology?

Sociology examines the social behavior of people in GROUPS while economics examines the monetary aspects of society and how they influence people and society as a whole.

Difference sociology and economic?

what is the diff between sociology and economics

What is it relationship between sociology and economics?

There is a close relationship between sociology and economics. As a matter of fact, both are considered to be branches of social sciences and they are dependent of each other.

What are the similarities and differences between sociology and social psychology?

kindly assist me answer the question what are the similarities and differences between sociology and social psychology

What is the relation of economics to sociology xy?

what is the relation of economics to sociology

Difference between sociology and economics?

sociology is the science of studying the culture and way of living in different societies while in economics we study the living standards and their utilization of resources.

Why statistics economics sociology psychology is important in business?

importance of statistics, economics, sociology and psychology in business

What are the similarities and differences between sociology and social science?

sociology is one of the social sciences along wth economics, psychology, politics etc. sociology is a subset of the social sciences, just as an apple is a fruit. Your question needs to be framed slightly differently to be capable of being answered eg compare + contrast sociology with another social science.

What are the areas of social differences?

Anthropology, communication studies, economics, human geography, history, political science, psychology sociology, humanities.

How sociology related to economics?

guess how

What are some similarities between sociology and economics?

The similarities between sociology and economics include that both are studies of a group of people as a whole, as opposed to studying a single person. Both of these sciences are considered to be inexact because they deal more with statistics than actual facts. Another similarity is that economics and sociology can both predict what might happen with a group of individuals, but not a single individual.

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