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From the U. S. Census Bureau Website: {| Subject


Percent |- | HOUSEHOLD TYPE Total households 105,480,101 100.0 Family households 71,787,347 68.1 Male householder 51,843,417 49.1 Female householder 19,943,930 18.9 Nonfamily households 33,692,754 31.9 Male householder 15,556,103 14.7 Living alone 11,779,106 11.2 Female householder 18,136,651 17.2 Living alone 15,450,969 14.6 HOUSEHOLD SIZE Total households 105,480,101 100.0 1-person household 27,230,075 25.8 2-person household 34,418,046 32.6 3-person household 17,439,027 16.5 4-person household 14,973,089 14.2 5-person household 6,936,886 6.6 6-person household 2,636,134 2.5 7-or-more-person household 1,846,844 1.8 Average household size 2.59 (X) Average family size 3.14 (X) FAMILY TYPE AND PRESENCE OF OWN CHILDREN Families 71,787,347 100.0 With related children under 18 years 37,451,314 52.2 With own children under 18 years 34,588,368 48.2 Under 6 years only 8,020,067 11.2 Under 6 and 6 to 17 years 6,875,512 9.6 6 to 17 years only 19,692,789 27.4 Married-couple families 54,493,232 100.0 With related children under 18 years 26,117,104 47.9 With own children under 18 years 24,835,505 45.6 Under 6 years only 5,892,433 10.8 Under 6 and 6 to 17 years 5,316,384 9.8 6 to 17 years only 13,626,688 25.0 Female householder, no husband present 12,900,103 100.0 With related children under 18 years 8,794,940 68.2 With own children under 18 years 7,561,874 58.6 Under 6 years only 1,532,745 11.9 Under 6 and 6 to 17 years 1,274,233 9.9 6 to 17 years only 4,754,896 36.9




(X) Not applicable.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 Summary File 1, Matrices P17, P26, P27, P33, P34, and P35.


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Q: What is the Number of households in us?
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