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The BBT corporation provides banking for both businesses and normal people. They have online banking options and you can pay bills online among other things.

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Q: What services does the BBT corporation offer to consumers?
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What is the market cap for BBandT Corporation BBT?

As of July 2014, the market cap for BB&T Corporation (BBT) is $27,173,543,605.56.

What is the ticker symbol for BBT Corporation?

The ticker symbol for BB&T Corporation is BBT and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What services does BBT provide?

BBT, or, to be more precise, BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust Company), is a banking corporation in the United States. They are a full service bank, offering all kinds of loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards and investment services.

What is the symbol for BBandT Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for BB&T Corporation in the NYSE is: BBT.

Is BBT bank a publicly held corporation?

Yes BB&T is a public corporation.

What is the bank identification code for bbt?

what is bbt bank code

How does one do online banking at BBT?

You can do online banking at BBT by enrolling in BBT online banking. Once you have enrolled, you can login to the BBT website and pay bills or check transfers online.

What has the author Hardy BBT Ltd written?

Hardy BBT Ltd has written: 'Reclamation of disturbed alpine lands: a literature review'

What are some places that offer special interest rates for college savings accounts?

Some places that offer special interest rates for college savings accounts include Citizens Bank and BBT. You can open an account online on their websites.

What is the Swift Code for BBT Bank NA?

brbtus33 ... I just called the 800-BANK-BBT and they confirmed that the correct swift code is indeed BRBTUS33

Can I overdraft with bbt ATM?

Need overdraft of R1000

What is the Swift Code for BBT North Carolina?


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