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making the most of resources

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Q: What is the best describes the goal of economic efficiency?
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What describes the goal of economic efficiency?

achieving full employment

What Best describes the goal of economics efficiency?

achieving full employment

What is the goal of economic efficiency?

the goal of economic efficiency is to waste less resources so more goods and services can be produced and so more wants and needs can be satisfied.

Which economic goal is associated with the idea of achieving maximum fulfillment of economic wants using the available productive resources?

Economic efficiency.

The goal of the progressive movement was to?

The four goals of the progressive movement were: Protecting social welfare Economic Reform Economic efficiency Promoting Moral Improvement

Which is best describes nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

Nirvana is best described as a goal of Buddhists in the teachings of the Buddha.

What is Economic efficiency concerned with?

The economic development of Liberia is tired up with two key commodities namely

What best describes the goal of a heading?

it can be deride as u..ha!!

Which economic goal does a society consider when deciding the best way to distribute its wealth?

economic effiency

What best describes the goal of OPSEC?

To provide you with a holistic picture of your operation.

What is efficiency is it the only goal of economic policy makers?

Efficiency is when a market that is guided by the invisible hand is able to capture all of the possible consumer and producer surplus. When all surplus is realized it is then that we can say a market is efficient. However, efficiency is not the only goal of an economic policy maker. Policy makers are equally as concerned about equality. The benefits in the market from trade can be viewed as a pie. Efficiency determines the size of that pie while equality equates to how the pie is sliced.

What are the goal of progressivism?

The four goals of progressivism are to protect social welfare, promote moral improvement, create economic reform, and foster efficiency.

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