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You could be pregnant. You need to go to the doctor. If you are not pregnant, there coud be another problem.

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Q: Are you pregnant if you spotted a small amount of bright red blood a week before your period was due and then you missed period and now you have cramps?
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How long should spotting happen before you get checked when your pregnant?

If you are worried contact your dr right away.If the spotting becomes heavy or bright red contact your dr or go to the ER immediately.

I'm pregnant and bleeding a lot It's bright red and clotting Also had a lot of lower abdominal pain What could it be Is it serious?

If you are pregnant and bleeding bright red blood and clotting, you need to get to the doctor as soon as possible. It could be something serious.

You are pregnant and you are having pains that feel like pms cramps is that normal?

Yes - totally normal. Your uterus is stretching out and growing. Unless it is accompanied by a fair amount of bright red blood, I wouldn't worry at all - in fact it is a good sign!.

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You had three home pregnaries test and they were all positive you took them five days before it was time for your period and you woke up this morning bleeding so you still be pregnant?

First, if you are bleeding a large amount of bright red--more than 1 pad/tampon in a short time (hour or so) or if you are passing large clots--PLEASE GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM NEAREST YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ask a computer, ask a medical professional, please. Second, if you are spotting or just small amount on a pad/tampon, esp if it is not bright red, you could still very well be pregnant. False positives are pretty much unheard you are really pregnant until a doctor tells you you've miscarried. If you suspect you are miscarrying please see a doctor even if you are hemorrhaging. If you 'retain' some of the fetal tissue you can get a very serious infection unless you are treated. praying for you sweet sister.