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sure why not i mean it might look different but sure!!

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I got teased pretty mercilessly with "did you forget your costume, young lady?" all day. Then for the next month people kept asking why I was in the "wrong" uniform and telling me I'd look better in a skirt (to be fair, they were right)
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A primary school Boy can't wear the girls school uniforms dress to school because in school they have to wear boy's uniforms and it also affect other student's brain.

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Q: Can a primary school boy wear the girls school uniform dress to school?
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What is the best looking private school uniform in Melbourne?

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Did children wear school uniform in the 1960's?

well all the boys had to wear black shorts and a shirt but they didn't have a uniform that is the same with the girls they would have to have a certain colour dress but still no uniform (lucky)

What make is the school uniform in the current clark's shoes advert for kids?

for girls they r black and or white chruch shoes with a little dress hill

How does your uniform represent your school?

All schools have a logo and a name and that name and logo is shown on your school uniform, to show others that your from the same school. You'd specially need to wear this when you are going to a school trip and you're lost'n all . Some girls might wear a dress the same color of their school's.

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When was Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School - Primary - created?

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Can a boy were girls school uniform?

Honestly,it doesn't matter. You can wear a girls uniform. *************************************** The school would probably send you home. Also, the derision from other pupils would be tremendous.

Do girls in the UK still have to wear regulation knickers at school?

No, currently in the UK, schools do not mandate girls to wear regulation knickers as part of their uniform. Dress codes may vary among schools, but regulations on undergarments are typically not specified.

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