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when gaining employment in an organisation, it is the company's duty to inform you of what the procedures are for security and confidentiality.

if you are having any concerns they must be raised to your boss, if there is nothing being done then it could be a HR (Human Resource) issue. as long as you have raised your concerns and made your boss etc aware of it then it is up to them to deal with it as that is not your job.

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"Organization policy and procedure" refers to the procedure of the particular organization that you are trying to or do work for. Maintaining confidentiality generally requires that you not reveal any private details about the clients you deal with at the job, such as their name, any information that could easily identify them, or their medical, legal, emotional or social problems. However, the specific things that must not be revealed are iterated in the policies and procedures of your organization.

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im a genius, but no help here.

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Q: How do you maintain confidentiality of any client matter in accordance with organisation policy and procedure?
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Why is it important to maintain confidentiality in care work?

it is important because people's privacy should be maintained, also they may sue you, if u don't maintain confidentiality.

What would happen if staff did not maintain confidentiality?

If staff did not maintain confidentiality, then they could end up loosing their jobs as parents and children will feel like they can not trust you anymore

How can you maintain confidentiality in day to day communication?


How do you maintain confidentiality during personal conversation?

Change the subject.

How do you maintain confidentiality in day to day communication?

Please explain how you can demonstrate confidentiality in day to day communication, in line with agreed ways of working

How would you use confidentiality in a sentence?

It means privacy or secrecy. Here are some sentences.She told me that secret in confidentiality.The confidentiality of the information was compromised.Confidentiality can be upheld in a court of law.The priest must maintain your confidentiality.

Demonstrate ways to maintain confidentiality in day to day communication?

One way to maintain confidentiality in every day communication is to simply not repeat anything you have heard. Your discretion will be appreciated and you will gain a positive reputation for your ability to exercise conversational caution.

How do social workers maintain confidentiality?

not telling anyone the information... now fk ooff

Different types of non verbal communication?

ways to maintain confidentiality in work role

What does confidentiality mean in caring?

confidentiality mean to keep all personal information and details safe and pricate. for example medical information

What 3 ways do health care facilities create safeguards to maintain computer confidentiality?


How do you maintain confidentiality in information?

To maintain confidentiality in information, you can ensure data encryption, limit access to sensitive information only to authorized personnel, establish secure data storage practices, and regularly audit and monitor access to data. It is also important to establish clear policies and procedures for handling confidential information and provide training to staff on confidentiality protocols.