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"Anata ha dame desu" is one way of saying it.

It's pronounced: ah-nah-tah wah dah-meh dess

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Q: How do you say you're so hopeless in Japanese?
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Halo isn't a world in Japanese so you would say Halo...

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The japanese word of song is "uta"and beautifull is"ii" you can say it in japanese..."ii uta"

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what are you asking, "how do you say 'list of Japanese names' in Japanese"? if so Nippon-mei no risuto

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So deshi, I think.

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Asobi (A-so-bee)

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totemo romanchikku

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"hime" or "himemiya" is what you say for princess in Japanese.

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you can't say "what just happen" in English so why do you think you can say it in Japanese "what just happened" is Nani ga okotta

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