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The PhD would take approximately four years post bachelor's to complete. The actual length of time depends much on how long it takes a student to prepare and defend their dissertation, which is an individual student project advancing an original view point on a topic of the students choosing with extensive supporting research and approved by a designated committee.

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Typically, it will take approximately four years to complete post bachelors degree. After completion of the credit courses, most time will be involved in preparing and successfully defending the dissertation which is an individual project on a topic of the students choice from an original point of view with intensive research. All must be approved by the designated committee.

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Typically, a PhD will take approximately eight years beyond high school graduation.

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Q: How many years does it take to have a Ph.D in public health full time?
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Public health is an interdisciplinary field focusing on general wellness and disease prevention. Depending on the situation, public health can approach medical issues from a local, small-scale perspective or from a global perspective. Public health as a field centers on holistic well-being and on practical measures for increased good health in a given population and prevention of diseases. Many public health professionals spend their time helping to create policies or legislation pertaining to health matters, or creating campaigns to educate and assist the public. As chronic disease and obesity-related illnesses have increased in the United States, a lot of the efforts of public health professionals have focused on lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Many who are involved in the public health field are doctors, nurses, nutritionists, epidemiologists, or public policy professionals. However, those who are most knowledgeable in public health work have obtained public health degrees. Currently, those who wish to pursue careers in public health can expect to attend graduate school, as there are few programs which offer undergraduate degrees in public health, and recipients of these degrees often find it difficult to obtain jobs in their field. The standard degree for public health professionals is the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. Though this is the most common path for those wishing to study public health, some schools also offer Master of Science in Public Health degrees, and students wishing for more expertise often seek doctoral degrees in public health. Public health graduate programs have become much more common over the past fifty years, and most large public and private universities offer the MPH degree. The most well-known and prestigious among these are Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Though applicants to public health graduate programs are generally expected to be more well-rounded than applicants to medical schools, students wishing to seek a higher degree in public health should focus on taking at least basic-level courses in the hard sciences, including statistics, biology and chemistry. Students should also seek practical experiences in the public health field through internships and volunteer positions in order to be certain that they understand the work of public health professionals.

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staffing health clinics, testing the water supply To enhance this conversation a bit, I wanted to also give my address to what Public Health is. Public Health is often seen as a shadow in disaster and crisis management because the practice does not often get the credit it deserves. Public Health departments have a lot of integration and coordination in disaster response and incident management. Many public health agencies and officials have a large supporting role in the quests to eradicate and eliminate disease including those that create pandemics such as smallpox, SARS and even the Ebola-virus. Public health agencies also play a large role in surge capacity assistance and disaster-related procedures for the healthcare sector during times of crisis. Public health is about protecting the health of the public and it is important for public health to get the spotlight that they deserve.

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