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You have very good chances of being accepted into college. During the next two years of high school, just focus on bringing your GPA up as high as possible.

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Q: I am currently a sophomore in high school and I like to plan ahead My current GPA is a 2.5 What are my chances of being accepted into a university or state college I will be doing ROTC as well?
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ya, I would know

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Why would tattoos that aren't even visible affect your chances of getting into a good school? The solution is simple: Wear a shirt.

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between a 3.85 and 3.9?

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3.4 high school GPA What are your chances of getting into University of Maryland at college park?

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Will a D sophomore year in high school ruin your chances of getting into a good college?

No. If a person who had a D sophomore year turned around and excelled in their Junior and Senior year, they can get into a 'good' college. After that first year of college, the same person having done well academically can apply to other colleges that may be better. It is never too late to get a good education. lol a d

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