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It's not normal, but it's probably not harmful either. It's like a human having one blue eye and one hazel eye. I suggest seeing a vet about anyway.

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Q: Is it normal for a hamster to have one red eye and one black and both look healthy?
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Is it ok for a black bear hamster to mate with a golden hamster?

yes it's ok, they are both hampsters.

Which hamster is less likely to bite...a panda bear hamster or a black bear hamster?

Both types of hamsters are likely to bite....they are both very aggressive types, and harder to deal with. Actually, Panda bear and Black bear are both just color variations on the same type of hamster, the Syrian hamster. They are in no way aggressive or hard to deal with! They are much easier to deal with than any dwarf types.

Can you put a black bear hamster with a teddy bear hamster?

They are both types of Syrian hamster, however Syrian are solitary and will fight if another hamster is in their territory. They can get seriously injured so don't have them together.

Is it safe to breed a teddy bear hamster with a black bear hamster?

It is not recommended to breed different species of hamsters, as this can lead to health issues and genetic problems in the offspring. Teddy bear hamsters and black bear hamsters are different species with different genetic backgrounds, so it is best to avoid breeding them together.

Can you mix black teddy bear hamsters with brown ones?

Yes you can as long as they are both teddy bears. I used to have 1 brown and 1 black teddy bear hamster myself.

What does it mean if your hamster sometimes has 2 red eyes or 2 black eyes?

If your hamster has consistently red eyes, it may be due to a genetic trait called ruby eyes. This is normal for some types of hamsters. If both eyes are black, it may indicate an injury, illness, or stress. If the eye color suddenly changes, consult a veterinarian for advice.

Is a dwarf hamster a boy?

No, a Dwarf Hamster refers to a group of different hamster breeds, and there are both males and females of these breeds kept as pets.

You have noticed a black spot on both sides of your tongue What is this?

i also have black spots on either sides of my tongue... but didnt gather information abt it much.... ! but i am healthy...

How old is a healthy black labs dying age?

about 11-13 for most that's how old both of mine died

Is hamster a mouse?

No, but Hamsters and mice are both rodents

What are the normal results of a mastoidectomy?

The outcome of a mastoidectomy is a clean, healthy ear without infection. However, both a modified radical and a radical mastoidectomy usually result in less than normal hearing.

Which is faster a hamster ball or wheel?

A hamster wheel is used in the cage and is powered by the hamster its self. A hamster ball is what you put the hamster in to exercise when you are cleaning the cage. A hamster ball is heavier so would probably go a bit slower but both are actually powered by the hamster its self so it depends on how fast it goes.