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Water turbines are for electricity generation from hydro power. Some hydro power plants have huge capacities and supply whole regions with electicity e.g. Assuan dam in Egypt or Hoover dam in US.

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the advantages of having a water turbine is that it saves alt of energy (power)

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Q: What are the main advantages of a water turbine?
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What are the main reason of turbine blade failure?

What are the main reason of turbine blade failure?

What is a advantages and disadvantages of Francis turbine?

The inward flow reaction turbine having radial discharge at outlet is called Francis turbine

What are the advantages and and disadvantages of steam turbine?

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What are the advantages of free turbine engine over gas turbine engine?

A gas turbine engine will usually yield more power by weight than a piston engine. Main downside is that it can't be throttled very well. Energy efficiency isn't all that good to start with, and will drop right down if it has to be operated outside its optimum range.

What is the theory behind generating electricity through hydroelectric power?

The main theory is that in a closed system, water at a high physical level runs downhill to a lower physical level. This water flow through the generators turbine blades induce the turbine to turn. Control of the water flow through the blades controls the speed of the turbine generator. The head pressure and volume of the water govern the size of the generator that is connected to the turbine.

What are the advantages of having a wind turbine?

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What are the advantages of wooden wind turbine blades?

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What is main inlet valve used in hydroelectric power plant?

Main inlet valve or shortly we say MIV is the spherical valve which installed before water enter into spiral casing of the hydro turbine.Water from the dam go to the penstock and before water enter the turbine, MIV is a component in between stop the water for small maintenance purpose in the turbine hall

Did LEster Alan Pelton invent the water turbine?

Pelton invented a free jet water turbine called the Pelton wheel or Pelton turbine

What are the main parts of a power station?


What kind of device is used to convert moving water to electrical energy?

A hydroelectric turbine is used to convert the energy of moving water into electrical energy. This turbine is connected to a generator that produces electricity as the water flows through the turbine.

What are the 4 main sections of a turbine engine?

compressor section, diffuser section, burner section and turbine