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Just be the bigger man (or woman) and ignore them. All fighting proves is that you are an uncivilized brute.

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Q: What do you say if someone calls you a coward or says you wont fight?
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If someone says apparently there was a fight does that mean one really happened?

If someone says apparently there was a fight, it usually means that a real fist-fight broke out. Although, it may refer to a quarrel.

Everytime someone calls me it just says Calls are not currently being connected to this number how do i fix it?

Pay your bill.

What does it mean when someone calls you mija?

it means like lady or like when someone says ''girl!'' tht what it mean

What do you say back when someone calls you spoiled?

be nice

What does it mean when someone calls you names then says i love you?

It means you are in an abusive relationship and you should get out now.

When you have a fight and he says I am done?

you don't need him,you'll find someone else

If a guy has a fight in class with someone else and his friend says that he lost the fight but he says to you that he won .was he trying to impress you?

He is embarrassed, and trying to save face. Or, perhaps, he did win.

What does it mean if a guy constantly calls you a jerk and says you have to surprise him to show him you are not?

Someone that calls someone else a jerk is a jerk. Don't even bother with that dude, it means he's not worth your time or consideration.

What does it means if someone says they are going to throw hands with you?

It means ; theyre going to fight you .

When someone says you are shady what does that mean?

When someone calls you shady, it means they think you are behaving in a suspicious or deceitful manner. It implies that they do not trust your actions or intentions.

The person who says The average man is a coward is?

Colonel Sherburn from Advetnures of Huckleberry Finn

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yes they do, they will also bring a special person to help you in crisis.