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Q: What responsibility if any does a company have for honestly educating the customer about its product?
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What is your idea of customer service representative?

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) should be able to handle problems,assisting in sales.The CSR is responsible for establishing and maintaining profitable relationships with customers on behalf of the company by taking personal and complete responsibility for each customer contact and by ensuring that all customer requirements are completely met. The CSR has primary responsibility for ensuring that customer needs are met.He should always be calm.

How is advertisement directed at customers?

An advertisement may be directed towards a customer in many fashions. Through various medias the advertisement can be brought to the attention of a potential customer. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to bring a compelling advertisement that will cause an exchange between the customer and it's company.

Start a Company with No Ideas?

If you have always wanted to start your own company, but you do not necessarily have any idea on what kind of company to start, you can always franchise. Franchising takes a great deal of the grunt work of starting a company out of your hands. The marketing and branding of your company is the responsibility of the franchisor, leaving you with only the responsibility of actually running the physical business well. Franchising can also be quite lucrative with the right brand. Since franchises have a customer base built in, your main concern is location: Can your customer base get to you, and how can you make it more convenient for them to?

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales representative in shipping lines?

A sales representative will have the responsibility to promote the company and maintain sales. They may also be involved in customer service.

What is the responsibility of store officer in construction company?

What is the responsibility of store officer in construction company

What is customer equity and How can a company increase its customer equity?

Value of potential future revenue generated by a company's customers in a lifetime. A company with high customer equity will be valued at a higher price than a company with a low customer equity.

How do you handle customer care?

Customer care is where you provide positive customer experience to your company customers as well as looking after your company customers needs

Is the president and ceo of a company has a voting power in the board meeting?

It honestly depends on the company.

What are the company goal of Amazon?

Amazon's main goals are to be the most customer-centric company, offering a wide selection, low prices, and fast delivery. They also focus on expanding their ecosystem of products and services, promoting innovation, and investing in technology to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, they aim to be a leader in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

What kind of customer service do you get at Northface company?

indian customer

What is the meaning of prospective customer?

Prospective Customer: Future Customer - A person who wants to become customer of a Company in future.

What impact of customer service have on the customer?

The impact and professionlism of a company or organization is very important to the customer, you are sending a message that you care about your business and the customers that walk in to your company.