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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz what is the period of the wave

In which material does sound travel the fastest

In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

A 5 ohm resistor a 10 ohm resistor and a 15 ohm resistor are connected in series to a 120 volt power source What is the amount of current flowing between the 5 ohm resistor and the 10 ohm resistor

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Q: What main advantage does digital transmission have over the analog?
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The main advantage of ECL over TTL?

The main advantage of ECL over TTL is speed.

What is the purpose of a comparator?

The main purpose of a comparator is the conversion of ADC(analog to digital conversion). In its input two supply voltages are applied and their differnce determines either a high or low signal of digital signal like to make which bit is high and which is low in the form of V++ and V--. If the diffrence between the two voltages is greater means positive the output will be V++ and if lower means negative the output is V--.

Why is a pulsing voltage easiest to read on an analog meter?

This is because digital meters do not continuously update the display. My meter for instance only shows a new number twice a second. If the voltage peaks between updates, you will never see it. Analog meters continuously follow the voltage, and the eye can follow the pointer as it peaks. Many electricians and technicans still hang on to their beloved Simpson 260 analog meter for this very reason. Many digital meters now have a little bargraph below the main display, set to act like an analog meter, to make this type of visual measurement possible. It should be noted that even the analog meter does not respond perfectly to voltages that change quickly, because the physical mass of the meter movement cannot accelerate insantaneously. So, if you see the needle "pulse", you know there was one, but you cannot rely on the needle to show the true peak. Such measurements are used to see the trend or get a rough idea of what is happening in the circuit. If you need to find the exact value, use an oscilloscope!

What is the main criterion for the design of digital circuits?

The main criterion for the design of digital circuits is to simplify your circuit so you don't get to use so many circuit elements there by improving upon the propagation delay of the circuit in effect.

What is the difference between electrical and instrumentation engineering?

Electrical engineering deals with electrical lines, transformers, circuit breakers, power transmission , generation and distribution. Instrumentation engineering is a sub branch of electrical engg. but we can say that Instrumentation engg. is mixture of electrical, mechanical(somewhat), electronics, computer(somehow)..... Instrumentation deals with sensors, transducers, analog and digital controllers, automation etc... so main difference between Instru and Electrical is, Instru. for making plant Automatic and electrical for making plant powered with electricity ....

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What is the main advantage of digital transmission over analog transmission?

Digital transmissions can be restored because the signal is either on or off, whereas analogue gradually loses signal over long distances, so digital produces a better picture, sound etc.

What are the benefits to using a digital baby monitor?

Digital baby monitors have one main advantage over analog monitors. Digital monitors are encrypted so others cannot snoop, while analog monitor signals are not encrypted. Much higher price is the main disadvantage.

The main advantage of PCM system is?

comparing between pcm system and analog system : power , B.W , SNR , transmission length ?

What is digital electronic?

Digital Electronics deals with logic 1 and logic 0, where logic 1 is represented by one voltage and logic is represented by another voltage.(ie. it is a discrete representaiton of analog signals). The main advantage of digital signals over analog signal is that it is less prone to noise.

What is the main difference between analog and digital information?

analog is a continuous flow of information in a wave while digital involves ones and zeros

What is the main component responsible for converting digital to analog?

A converter box will perform this function. more accurately a digital to analog chip an example is a AD558

What is advantage of modem?

The best advantage of Modem is that it converts digital signal to analog signal.

What is the difference between analogue and digital system?

the main difference in analoge and digital system is analog is continues type of data and ditital is discreate type of data. e.g old galvanometer having needle is analog but new multimeter is digital in which voltage and current is shown in digits... analog is not much accurate..but digital is accurate...

What is a digital micrometer used to measure?

The digital micrometer just like the analog micrometer is used to measure thicknesses, diameters, etc. The main difference is that it is easier for the user to read (as is true of most digital vs. analog things).

What are the differences between a mounted digital kitchen scale and a standard analog kitchen scale?

The main difference between these scales it that the digital will give a more accurate and easier to read reading than figuring it out with the lines between the numbers the analog scale. However, the digital scale requires and battery and the analog does not.

What is the main function of a modem in regards to a computer?

Modem is short form for Modulation-Demodulation. Modem modulates digital signals into analog signals & demodulates received analog signals into digital signals that can be processed by Computers.

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