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DC motor has commutator to convert AC into DC. but incase of AC there is no commutator

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In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

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Q: What part are different between dc motor and ac motor?
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What is the different between ac dc motors?

DC Motor works on DC source and AC motor works on AC source

What the main different between shunt motor and induction motor and AC motors?

induction motor is AC motor also synchronic motors are AC motors but second one has not slip but first one has slip . shut motor is DC motor

What part of the motor is current supplied to on a ac motor?

commutator, armature

What is the difference between an ac motor and a dynamo?

The difference between an ac motor and a dynamo is that an ac motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy while a dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical.

What is the similarity between an AC induction motor and an AC synchronous motor?

Only Stator winding is similar in both the cases.

What is the main part of ac motor?

wires stator bearing

Is there a difference between ac and non ac 1996 blazer blower motor?

The factory blowers have different part numbers with and with out a/c. The aftermarket do not. I do now know what the difference is on the factory blower motors. I always use aftermarket and they fit and connect just fine.

What is the difference between a DC motor and an AC motor?

What is AC motor and DC motor?

AC stands for alternating current, and DC is direct current. A motor is a device that uses electrical energy to spin. An AC motor uses AC voltage, and a DC motor uses DC voltage.

Common parts of ac and dc generators?

There is not the big different between AC and DC generator and the common part of both of them areRotorStaterFrameMagnetic FieldBarringShaftWinding (Lap or Wave)Cable boxThe big different between both of them is the commutator and split rings which we use to convert DC to AC.

What do you understand about the stator of an AC motor?

AC motor has two main winding components - stator and a rotor. Stator winding is stationary where as rotor winding is on rotating part.

What is the difference between a universal motor and a single phase motor?

Usually a "universal motor" means it runs on either AC or DC. It usually has brushes to accomplish this. A single phase motor is designed to run on AC only.

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