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Unix is an operating system, and C is a programming language. It just so happens that Unix is written in the C language...

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Q: Difference between unix and c language?
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Related questions

Is c language available in unix?

The C language has implementations for all popular platforms, including Unix.

Which came first C or Unix?

Unix was created first. The C programming language was created for Unix.

What programming language was Unix written in?

UNIX was programmed in C.

What is difference between select Case statement and nested loop in c programming in UNIX?

UNIX has no bearing on the C language; it is cross-platform. There is no select/case in C, you probably meant switch/case. However, a switch/case is a conditional jump while a nested loop is a loop within a loop. Besides the C language they have nothing in common with each other.

What programming language is Unix written in?

Unix is primarily written in the C language, with some small snippets of assembler code for low level bootstraps.

Why are operating systems written in the C language?


Difference between C and C programming language?

The C and C programming languages are one and the same. There is no difference between those languages.

What is the different between turbo c plus plus and unix c plus plus?

There is no such thing as 'unix C++'.

Can you access c language in dos and unix?

You can write, compile and execute C-programs in both DOS and Unix, if that's what you meant.

What operating system is usually associated with C?

The C programming language was originally created for Unix. Unix, and most other Unix-like systems such as Linux, are written almost entirely in C.

What has the author C Schirmer written?

C. Schirmer has written: 'Programming in C for UNIX' -- subject(s): C (Computer program language), UNIX (Computer file)

What is the difference between the c and C programming?

The question is similar to : What is the Difference between "English" and "Talking in English" "C" is a Language. "C Programming" is a verbal usage

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