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Q: How do you enter text in HTML select tag?
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What is the HTML tag for small text?

All it is, is small, inside the <>, it wasn't letting me enter the tag alone

What is the correct tag for HTML hyperlink?

<a href="enter URL here">Clickable Text</a>

What is the semantic difference between HTML tag and HTML text?

HTML text is formatted text that you view on a HTML formatted page, a HTML tag is a tag which defines the formatting of a selected area of text, i.e opening tag "<u>" "text to format here", followed by closing tag "</u>" would underline the text that you wish to format. In short, HTML tag defines the format of the text. These basics can be applied to a range of different functions.

How do you make a text bold using HTML tag?

Enter text hereThe code listed above will Bold the text within the tags.

How do you enable the text-box in html?

You can enable the text box in HTML using input tag. The input tag asks the input type and make it to Text.

Correct HTML tag to make text italic?

You use the <i> tag like this: <i>This text is in italics</i>

What is the HTML code for italic text?

Use italics tag <i>Text</i> or Emphasis tag <em>Text</em>

What HTML 'tag' is used to write a paragraph of text?

it is <p> tag.

What HTML formatting tag would you use to define italic text?

We can ise tag to format the HTML text inti italic.ex: hi welcome to HTMLThe text which is between tag can be dispalyed in italic form.

What do you call the HTML tag for changing the text size of a webpage?

Changing the text-size can be done easily in HTML. It is consisted in the style tag and font-size.

What is a style sheet that lets you add a style to an individual HTML tag?

The CSS declaration that allows you to select an individual HTML tag is the id selector. For instance: #ourP {color: red;} <p id="ourP">This text will be red</p> <p>Not this text, though</p> If you want to select a particular type of HTML tag (like, say, all the paragraphs) you use an element selector like so: p {color:blue} <p>This text will be blue</p> <p>This too</p>

What is the HTML tag for making text bold along with syntax?

The HTML code for making bold text is: your bold text here

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