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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz what is the period of the wave

In which material does sound travel the fastest

In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

A 5 ohm resistor a 10 ohm resistor and a 15 ohm resistor are connected in series to a 120 volt power source What is the amount of current flowing between the 5 ohm resistor and the 10 ohm resistor

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Q: How would the inductance of field winding affect motor operation under a steady state?
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Principles of operation of automatic voltage stabilizer?

The principles of operation of an automatic voltage stabilizer is like a two winding transformer. They provide constant and steady amounts of electrical power to electrical devices so usage is monitored and controlled on the devices.

Is checkers a steady hand board game?

No. An example of a steady hand boardgame wold be Jenga or Operation

What are some examples of existing steady hand games?

operation that's it

What steady hand games examples?

operation is 1 really good one

Why reactance does not oppose DC?

An ideal inductor does not oppose the steady flow of current because it has no resistance. But it opposes changes in the current and the voltage across the inductor is the rate of change of current (in amps/second) times the inductance in Henrys, which is how inductance is defined. So when a battery is connected across an inductor the initial rate of rise of the current is V/L amps/sec, where L is the inductance, and it continues to rise until limited by any resistance in the circuit.

How does the center of gravity affect a plane flight?

it keeps the plane steady and fly

How will a steady decrease in arterial pressure affect the body?

It reduces the rate of filtration by the kidney

AC operation of magnetic circuit?

DC sources are not used for excitation of magnetic circuit of transformers and other AC machines. AC sources are used. The steady-state current is calculated by the applied voltage and resistance of the circuit when DC excitation is applied. The inductance in this case plays the role only for the transient part. The adjustment of the magnetic flux takes place as per the value of current to satisfy the relationship of B-H curve or magnetization curve. For the case of AC excitation, inductance comes into picture for steady-state performance. The flux is determined by the impressed voltage and frequency. The adjustment of magnetization current takes place as per the value of this flux to maintain the relationship imposed by the magnetization ....

How does the air affect the soccer?

if it is windy the ball can go the other way but if you have a steady foot you should be fine but the air dose affect your kick

How the frequency relates with an inductor in a dc supply?

This question is nonsense because a dc supply has no "frequency".In any circuit supplied by direct current, the current always flows in the same direction from the point in time when the current is switched on until the point in time when it is switched off.Comparing a circuit that has both resistance and inductance with a circuit that only has resistance:Until a steady-state level of current flow has been reached from the point in time when the current is switched on, the current will rise at a slower rate in the circuit that has inductance compared with the circuit that only has resistance, because the inductance impedes the build-up of current.Then, when the current is switched off, the flow of current will stop instantly in the circuit which only has resistance but in the circuit that has both resistance and inductance, the sudden drop in current will cause a high voltage potential to be developed across the inductor which will dissipate slowly back down to zero through its own resistance.However, if a spark-gap is connected into the circuit across the winding of the inductor - and its inductance is sufficiently large and the spark-gap is sufficiently small - when the current is switched off the high voltage potential across the inductor will generate a spark to appear across the spark-gap that will "zap" the high voltage almost instantly. That is the principal of operation of the spark-ignition coil used to ignite the gas/air mixture in a gas engine using "spark-plugs".

How does light affect a dog's sleeping?

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The mortgage company Nationwide has been in operation under various guises since 1846. Nationwide are the forth largest mortgage lender in the United Kingdom and hold a steady place in the market.

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