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Same as c language.there are 3 types of data types.they INT,CHAR,FLOAT.

hey double is also a basic data type in C++

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Q: What are the Different data types used in c plus plus?
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What are the data types use in c plus plus?

All the standard primitives and structures, plus objects and user-defined data types can be used in C++. The only limit is your imagination.

What are different data types used in 8087 programming?


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A bar graph is used to show different totals in different categories.

What does data storage mean?

Data storage is the term for saving data by a computer or device. Different types of data storage work differently in a computing environment. Data storage is used to store data such as documented files, databases and for personal uses such as music and photos. Different types of data are stored in different places, depending on the type of data it is.

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There are 5 types pf protocols used in the computer network.

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types of data structure types of data structure

What types of data used in algorithm?

Whatever data you need. If you need the algorithm to operate with many different types of data, and you are programming in C++, you could use generic programming practices and use templates.

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What are the 2 types of data allowed in QBASIC?

the two types of data used in Qbasic is numeric data and alpha numeric data.

Application of void data type in c plus plus programming language?

The voiddata type is used when a function doesn't return any value, and/or when it has no parameters at all. Pointer type 'void *' is a generic pointer.A void pointer is used when it needs to be assigned to different data types later on in a program. Since it avoids type checking, void pointers should be used with care.

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They are types of data used in a field for example Text, Currencey ect

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