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its costly than open loop system and bulky, too.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of closed loop?
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What are the disadvantages of closed loop systems?

its costly than open loop system and bulky, too.

Advantages and disadvantages of open loop control system?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of open loop system and closed loop system?? open loop system hasn't feed back

Disadvantages of Closed Loop control?

Two disadvantages of a closed loop system include the complexity involved in construction, as well as the cost involved. Its complexity, however, also means it's more accurate.

Is washing machine is open loop or closed control system and why?

closed loop system

Closed loop gain for feedback oscillators?

Feedback oscillators have a closed loop gain of

What is positive feedback as applied to a closed loop control system?

Positive feedback as applied to closed loop control systems is when the closed loop gain is positive.

Is a traffic signal is closed loop or open loop?

It is a open loop

What is the difference between finite open loop gain and closed loop gain?

In a closed loop system the gain without the feed back loop being closed is called open loop gain!!! e.g if forward gain is "A" and feed back factor is "B" then open loop gain is "AB" and closed loop gain will be [A/(A+B)]

What is the definition of open loop and closed loop?

With the open loop, the output is not directly connected to the input while with the closed loop system, the output is directly linked to the input.

What are the differences between open loop control systems and closed loop control systems?

in open loop systems feedback is not present while in closed loop it is present..

Is automobile cruise control open or closed loop?

A cruise control is an example of a closed loop servo.

Is voltage stablizer open loop or close loop?


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