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the motor winding will burn out if there is no protection or disconnect means

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Q: What happens when dc motor is connected to ac supply?
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What happens if a DC motor is connected to an AC supply?

Through loda

Can a DC series motor with speed control be connected on AC supply?

A dc series motor with speed control can be connected on ac supply because dc machines are totally reversible.

What happens when an ac motor is given dc supply?

it burns thats it

When ac motor is connected with DC supply?

Basically AC motors would not work on DC supply but there's however an exception for a Universal motor also known as a series motor. This is the only motor as far as I know that work on both AC and DC.

Why does the lamp bright when connected to the AC?

why does the lamp bright when it is connected to the AC supply

What happens when ac supply is given to dc motor vice versa?

What is the meaning of Vice-versa?

What happens if dc motor is connected to AC supply?

That depends on the construction of the motor. There are some "DC" motors that are actually AC/DC motors and will work the same on either type of supply, these motors use commutators and have windings on both the rotor and stator excited by the same supply. Other DC motors will not operate at all on AC but will just vibrate uselessly, these motors use permanent magnet stators. Advanced types of DC motors such as the brushless DC motor cannot even be fed AC power as they are actually driven by special control electronic circuits powered by DC and are not connected directly to any supply.

When the dc motor is connected across an AC supply then?

It depends on the construction of the motor. If the field winding is connected in series with the armaturewinding, the motor is like a universal motor and will probably operate normally. If the field winding is connected in parallel with the armature, the motor will not run, but will draw current, make noise and get hot.

Is schrage motor ac?

As the motor is a three phase machine,it must be AC supply

What will happen if dc motor connected to ac supply?

Hai, According to me, dc motor will not rotate if it is connected to ac supply. The Dc motor is designed in such a way that it should reach constant signal. If ac i.e., alternating signal is applied, for the first half cycle if say it tries to rotate in clockwise direction, in the second half cycle it will try to rotate in opposite direction, obviously resulting the DC motor in still position..

How can run a 230v 3phase motor three wire 50Hz with a 415v50 Hz 3 phase supply?

Check the motor name plate details or the data sheet of the motor. Normally 230V AC 50 Hz, 3 phase motor can be connected in star with 415 V AC 50 Hz supply.

How do you change an ac motor to a DC motor?

Ac motor have slip ring, to remove the slip ring,connected to the commutator its a dc motor.

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