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That is the correct spelling of "cartridge."

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Q: How do you spell cartridge?
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How do you spell catrige?

The correct spelling is "cartridge" (a container, or a bullet).

How do you spell bullit?

The correct spelling for a firearm cartridge or its slug is a bullet.

What type of ink does the Lexmark 1200 take?

The Lexmark 1200 takes a black cartridge and a color cartridge. The black cartridge that the Lexmark 1200 uses is or 16 and 17 cartridge, with the 17 cartridge being the moderate use cartridge. The color cartridge required by the printer is the 26 or 27 cartridge, with the 27 cartridge being a moderate use cartridge as well.

What is the Hindi word for cartridge?


Is a 308 cartridge the same as a 7.62x54 cartridge?


What is the density of the mineral cartridge?

A cartridge is NOT a mineral.

What is a cartridge door?

The cartridge door is the panel that needs to be opened to allow access to the cartridge(s).

How do you get electirizer in Pokemon diamond?

You can get it (I have no idea how to spell it) by catching an elekid holding one. Elekid can be caught by having a Firered cartridge in your DS, and looking at Valley Wind Works.

What is a Printhead Cartridge?

Printhead and cartridge are two different things. but for some printers, the printhead is part of the cartridge.

What is the name for a bullet cartridge belt?

cartridge belt

Is the game saved to the cartridge or the DS console?


What is the name for the bottom of a gun cartridge?

A typical center fire cartridge consists of bullet, cartridge case, primer and powder. The bottom is the cartridge case- and the bottom of the cartridge case is the case head. markings on it are called "headstamps".

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