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Use "however" rather than "albeit"

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2011-02-21 15:06:21
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Q: Is it was nice meeting you albeit briefly last night grammatically correct?
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Is the following sentence grammatically correct - I do not like people?

Yes. "I do not like people" is complete and correct, albeit anti-social.

Is it grammatically correct to say They lived ever happily after?

It is basically wrong, because ever after is an inseparable phrase if it is to keep its meaning. If, however, ever is to modify the adverb happily, then the sentence could be corrected by making after into afterward(s) or a synonymous construction. Thus:They lived ever happily afterward(s) and They lived ever happily (from then) on are some grammatically correct (albeit awkward) alternatives. Of course, these do not have the same meaning as the famous sentence They lived happily ever after.

Can you say Albeit literature does not explain ..instead of although or however?

Dictionaries define "albeit" as meaning "although," "even though," or "notwithstanding," and it comes from the expression "although it be." However, "albeit" cannot be used to introduce a subordinate clause. For this reason, "although literature does not explain" is correct, but "albeit literature does not explain" is not correct.The following show correct usage of "albeit":His English was fluent, albeit heavily accented.The hotel restaurant featured an expensive albeit unimpressive brunch.Albeit boring, the lecture contained important concepts.

Is albeit a verb?

Albeit is a conjunction

They even teach this in school albeit they need to be presented to the idea Is the use of albeit correct?

No. Aside from the fact that the sentence makes no sense, the use of "albeit" is to connect a mitigating or contrasting term or phrase (noun, adjective, or adverb). It is used similarly to although (although it is) to mean "despite it's being."Example:"The city contributed considerable funds, albeit too little to fund the entire project.""The plan is effective, albeit expensive, and popular among the residents.""The mayor lent his support, albeit grudgingly, and the road was built."For the example given, a sentence might be:"They even teach this in school, albeit on a limited basis."

What does albeit mean?

It means 'although' or 'even if' as in - it was peaceful, albeit just for a momentIt's written albeit and it means "even though".

What is albeit?

Albeit is another way of saying 'even though'. It is a contraction of 'although it be'

How do you use albeit in a sentence?

(meaning even though; although; notwithstanding) "The weather was very warm albeit cloudy." "The blanket was soft, albeit old."

How do you use the word albeit in a sentence?

He has a very good idea, albeit a strange one.

What is Amanda Bynes screen name for AIM?

Surely you will never receive a correct answer regarding this question, albeit I am very curious, as well. I would love to generate a correspondence with her.

What does albeit meen?

All- be- it.

Is 'I write You' a correct sentence?

The "Y" in you should not be capitalized and while it takes only a noun and a verb to make a sentence - which "I write you" has - it isn't a correct sentence because the tense of the verb is incorrect. "I will write you" would be a correct sentence with the correct verb tense. You could begin a sentence, albeit it sounds a bit odd, with the words "I write you" as in "I write you this letter today in an attempt to appeal to your empathetic side", however "I write you" is not a correct sentence alone.

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