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The objective was to finish my homework and then play Basketball and take a hot shower before i lay down with my boyfriend

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Q: Sentence using objective
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Can you give a sentence using objective?

Please clarify your objective with an example.

What is a sentence using the word explicity?

The commander made the objective explicitly clear.

What is an example sentence of relating in an objective manner?

To relate to a subject in an objective manner, you must approach it sans-bias, using only facts on which to base your thinking and subsequent reporting.Here is an example sentence of "relating in an objective manner":"In a controversial news story, it is critical that a reporter relate to the story in an objective manner."

What are the disadvantages of using the high power objective?

THE disadvantage of using high power objective is to

What are the disadvantages of using high power objective?

THE disadvantage of using high power objective is to

What is a sentence using the word objective?

(noun) The objective of the game is to kick the ball into the goal net. The army battalion soon reached their objective on the border. (adjective) A mediator must remain objective and not favor either side. An objective view in religious disputes is seldom possible. (noun adjunct) He adjusted the objective lens on his telescope.

In one sentence is truth objective or subjective?

Truth or reality is objective, and you can not discover an objective reality using subjective means. For example, If wanted to know a rich man's name, you would not say or ask, "what is like being rich?" that would give you a different subjective answer rather than the objective answer your looking for. Using a subjective question to get an objective answer is impossible.Truth is objective and can be held against reality. It is the means used to discover reality that is subjective.

Always bring a specimen into focus by using what objective?

high power objective

What is Objective Art?

Objective art is when an artist realizes their vision using any objective they have in their head. They could use a purpose like only using recycled materials for example.

Using petroleum in a sentence?

Using petroleum in a sentence?

Sentence using iniquity?

sentence using iniquity

Which adjustment knob is used when using the scanning objective or low power objective?

Coarse-adjustment knob

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