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The tiny mouse cowered in the corner.

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Q: Use cower in a sentence
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How do you use the word cower in a sentence?

The word "cower" is a verb meaning to duck or take cover in fear. An example of a sentence using the word "cower" is "The falling debris caused people to cower and panic. "

How would you use the word cower in a sentence?

I would cower behind the sofa.I watched them all cower in fear.

How can you use cower on a sentence?

Well Cower means to hide and shield yourself. So you would use something like this, "She ran and cowered in a corner."

Use the word cower in a sentence?

I cowered in fear of what might happen.

Sentence with cower?

Cower behind a wall and spend a bit of time looking around.

What is a sentence for cower?

I wasn't going to cower ever again. The family decided to cower in the basement while the tornado hit. Some children will cower after being scolded.

A sentence with the word cower?

The runaway boar hog made my pet dog cower in the yard!

A sentence for the word cower?

The children cower in the corner after being disciplined. To survive the tornado and remain safe, the family chose to cower in a corner of their basement.

What is a sentence with the word cower?

The man with the stoic look, and the malicious heart, had to cower in fear when he was attacked by the birds.

What is a sentence using the word cower?

All the girl could do was cower in fear.The boy would cower anytime he saw a spider.When you cower, you try to make yourself physically smaller.

Can you writ a sentence using cower?

My cat, would cower and hide in the corner every time she knew she did something wrong.

Can you put cower into a sentence?

I cowered in the corner due to the monster coming towards me. When the bull charged, the cow didn't even cower.

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