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The fair lasted an ephemeral time, and i was sad I missed it.

---By Maddie

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Q: Use ephemeral in a sentence
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A sentence using the word ephemeral?

how to use ephemeral in a sentence

Sentence with the word ephemeral?

The party was very Ephemeral

How do you use ephemeral in a sentence?

"The joys of childhood only seem ephemeral in retrospect." "Large gains in stock prices are often ephemeral." "The lives of most insects are ephemeral, so the exceptions are more remarkable."

What is a sentence ephemeral?

We must believe that bad times last ephemeral. Ephemeral means time that does not last for long.

A sentence with ephemeral?

laying of the white beach, me and my husband are enjoyed the ephemeral beauty of the beach

How do you put ephemeral in a sentence?

The meaning of ephemeral is lasting for a short time, fleeting, or momentary. Some flowers, while beautiful, have an ephemeral blooming time.

What is a sentence using the word ephemeral?

"The ephemeral life of common flies is the basis for the word's meaning." "There were several ephemeral governments in Italy between 1979 and 1982." "The investigator hoped to photograph the ephemeral displays created by lightning flashes." "The blooming of most desert plants is ephemeral, and may occur after infrequent or seasonal rainfall."

What part of speech is ephemeral?

Ephemeral is an adjective.

What does Andy Goldsworthy use to put his sculpture together?

natural and ephemeral

Is ephemeral and evanescent synonyms?

That is correct. Ephemeral and evanescent are synonyms.

When was Ephemeral Museum created?

Ephemeral Museum was created in 2008.

Write down the use of ephemeral ports?

The ephemeral or scratch ports can be used for any purpose. They are transient and temporary, and any process may use them for whatever reason they want. These ports do not have a specific or reserved purpose in what they do.

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