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what is a nonexample of meager

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Q: What is a antonym for meager?
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What is the antonym for doughty?

weak, frail, delicate, shaky, thin, meager.

What is a antonym for the word meager?

An antonym (the opposite) of "meager" could be "generous." This would not be the kind of generous meaning "charitable" or "giving freely" but the kind that means "a large amount." Example: "For lunch, the man had only a meager portion and so he was very hungry. When dinner came, he helped himself to a generous amount to make up for it."

What is the antonym for meager?

Meager is an adjective meaning low in amount, strength, or value; poor; very little.Small in quality or quantity; very thin.Therefore....Some antonyms for meager:AbundantAmpleBigBountifulCopiousEnoughFatFullGenerousHandsomeLargeLavishLiberalPlentifulPlentyProfuseRichSignificantSubstantialSufficientWealthyWide

Meager in a sentence?

This meager sustenance will suffice.

What part of speech is meager?

meager is an ajective

Sentence using meager?

the food they gave us was meager

How do you use meager in sentence?

the meager soil of an eroded plain.

How high is the Mount Meager?

Mount Meager is 2,680m or 8,793ft high

What is the defention of meager?

lacking in quantity and quality,like meager business

What are some sentences using the word meager?

My meager credentials didn't impress the people in personnel. The grazing is meager here, so limit the number of your livestock. The food rations were meager for the soldiers in Okinawa.

How do you use the word meager in a sentence?

He cooked using a meager amount of spice. The meager supply of food would not last through the winter.

An example sentence with Meagre in it?

A body meager with hunger will result from a meager diet.

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