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Here is a sentence:

What is a sentence including the word cacophony?

That is the sentence

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Q: What is a sentence including the word cacophony?
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Can you use the word cacophony in a sentence?

I heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam.

The word Cacophony used in a sentence?

The symphony's warming-up cacophony slowly melded into the introductory passage.

What is an example sentence with the word cacophony?

what is that Cacophony? cacophony means harsh sounds!

How do you use the word cacophony in a sentence?

John blocked out the urban cacophony with a pair of vintage headphones he rescued from a dumpster.

How would you use this word cacophony a sentence?

The cacophony of sounds were loud, of course, and very irritating. (cacophony basically means that it is a loud noise with no meaning or pattern) HOPE IT HELPZ

A sentence with cacophony?

The flock of crows cawing make a cacophony.

What is the sentence for cacophony?

The noise of the children in the cafeteria was a cacophony of sound.

How do you use the word ceaseless in sentence?

The cacophony of the jungle's animals seemed ceaseless.

Use cacophony in a sentence?

The orchestra's initial cacophony became the introduction of the song.

Cacophony in a sentence?

Cacophony is a noun that means "A loud or disruptive noise ".The band made a cacophony when they first began to practice"

Can you give an example of sentence using cacophony?

The cacophony in the streets made it hard to sleep.

What is an example of a sentence using the word cacophony?

The elementary school's symphonic band's warm-up was just a cacophony of sound, but it gradually organized into the opening theme song of "The Simpsons".

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